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A saho song sung at the 40th Anniversary of the Eritrean Bologna Festival!

Iconic Eritrean - Tigrinya artist Elsa Kidane took the stage at the 40th Anniversary this past weekend just as she did many years ago! 

Temesghen Yared opening up the 40th Anniversary Bologna Festival this last Friday (04/07/2014) for thousands of Eritreans from across the globe.

Temesghen Yared - Kalashiney

Young, Asmarino Tigrinya artist, Temesghen Yared came out for this historic event and sang a song called Kalashiney which if I’m not mistaken means “My weapen” presumably. However, in this context it is more so of a recognition of the the efforts of Shabia or in English known as the Eritrean People’s Liberation Front and their tired-less efforts of achieving a free Eritrea!

As we mentioned earlier this week, this past weekend was the 40th Anniversary of the Eritrea’s historic and iconic Bologna festival!

Artists from past and present came out this weekend to celebrate the accomplishments and the history of Eritrea along with the memories passed in the last 40 years of Bologna! People from all over the world came out for this historic event. Apparently there was an estimated 16,000 Eritreans there for the historic event!

For the opening ceremony, Fihira starts of singing and artists from past like Elsa Kidane, Mohammad Osman, Wedi Sheik, Wedi Tikul, Wedi Shawl, and more sang their historic Bologna hits and some new ones as well!

Festival Eritrea Bologna 2014
Just 1 more day until the 40th Anniversary Celebration of Festival Eritrea - Bologna. Be expecting videos all weekend long!
* To our followers who are attending, please don’t be afraid to send us any pictures/videos you take! :)

Letay tela’ali nikid Adina - Bologna 1990

Not even a year later after this performance, Eritrean Independence was gained. Letay, is the women in the video her husband is the man with the bucket hat on. Him and the man with the afro are packed up and ready to go home, home being Eritrea with rumors that Eritrea’s independence is near and it is now time to return home. 

Eritrean Bologna to Expo - Mesaki Alena Keme’nay Temali

So, basing this off my memory from owning most if not all Festival nay Eritrea videos between the years of 1991 to 200, this performance is from Expo of 1998 or 1999 (leaning towards ‘99). “Mesaki alena keme’nay teamli,” direct translation is “We are with you just as we were yesterday.” You being Bologna and Fihira refers to Bologna as Her. Referring to all the cherished memories from the Bologna festivals and the hope it gave the people in the diaspora or the great performances of Bologna that will always be remembered, it was a beckon of comfort for the people and that is something that will not be forgotten

Probably posted this specific song at least 100 times since this blog was created!

But living legend Tesfay Mehari, or more commonly known as Fihira is quite possibly underrated. Performing in the EPLF since he joined, his lyrics took the people by storm!

As seen in this famous Bologna video performing Arki Hilifot he couldn’t even get through the whole song with out people coming up and praising him for his indescribable lyrics! His words were like poetry and to this day, as he releases music for himself and for other artists, his lyrics are still captivating.