An inside look of Eritrea.

Young, traditional, Eritrean - Tigrinya artist Amanuel Goitom took the stage singing a Tigrinya guayla song during the closing ceremony of the 6th Eritrean Sawa Festival

Helen Meles - Seare

6th Eritrean Sawa Festival

An Arabic song sung at the closing ceremony of the 6th Eritrean Sawa Festival held this past weekend (July 18th - 20th)

Adey Natey - Salina Daniel

An Eritrean American from Minnesota sings at the 6th Bi-Annual Eritrean Sawa Festival held this past weekend in Sawa for class of 2014 or more commonly known as Round 27

Anyways, expect more posts from the event! But for now, enjoy this shikorina! :) 


Abraham Afewerki performs Semai/Fishikta Ameley in Sawa.

I’ve been to Eritrean concerts before even American ones and I have yet to see a crowd that gets so emotional and hype, at the same time, all for one person and their extremely meaningful lyrics/existence. I truly wish I could’ve seen Abraham Afewerki perform live at least once in my life


- What you know about this tegadelay classic “Menikaye”?! My uncle Danny is a nasty DJ thooo #Eritrea #Classic

Here’s a video I found on Youtube of bits and pieces of performances by Temesghen Yared, Fihira, Gual Ankere, Engineer Asgodom, etc from last weekends 40th Eritrean Anniversary of the Bologna Festival!

Enjoy! :)

Young Eritrean comedian who has made a scene and a name for himself all over the Eritrean community, Yonas Mihretab or more commonly known as Minus takes the stage with legendary actress/singer Tzighe Teklesenbet take the stage and do quite the sketch for the 40th Anniversary of the famous Bologna Festival.

The sketch is more so of an Awlo which is ideally just a shout out done by Minus and Tzighe for the celebration of this iconic Bologna Festival