An inside look of Eritrea.


Abraham Afewerki performs Semai/Fishikta Ameley in Sawa.

I’ve been to Eritrean concerts before even American ones and I have yet to see a crowd that gets so emotional and hype, at the same time, all for one person and their extremely meaningful lyrics/existence. I truly wish I could’ve seen Abraham Afewerki perform live at least once in my life


- What you know about this tegadelay classic “Menikaye”?! My uncle Danny is a nasty DJ thooo #Eritrea #Classic

Here’s a video I found on Youtube of bits and pieces of performances by Temesghen Yared, Fihira, Gual Ankere, Engineer Asgodom, etc from last weekends 40th Eritrean Anniversary of the Bologna Festival!

Enjoy! :)

Young Eritrean comedian who has made a scene and a name for himself all over the Eritrean community, Yonas Mihretab or more commonly known as Minus takes the stage with legendary actress/singer Tzighe Teklesenbet take the stage and do quite the sketch for the 40th Anniversary of the famous Bologna Festival.

The sketch is more so of an Awlo which is ideally just a shout out done by Minus and Tzighe for the celebration of this iconic Bologna Festival

Eritrean Tigre legends Wedi Sheik and Mohammad Osman along with Tzighe Teklesenbet perform a drama in Tigre to sort of capture the history of Bologna along with some music in between the skits.

Hagos Woldegebriel or more commonly known as Suzinino and Wedi Shawl play two travelers from Eritrea in a skit called “Bologna.” Two travelers who as a friendly gestures bring gifts from Eritrea to the people of Bologna.

For example, Wedi Shawl brings ga’ba which is a sort of fruit/nut for the guests of Bologna to eat. Suzinino mocks him for bringing such a gift and as a joke states that you are now in the country of McDonald’s and there is no need for such a treat. And the two go back and forth as each display a gift they brought just for it to be basically be useless to the guests since there is already a product out for it. 

Seeing comedians from the past and present perform on one stage is quite a historic event. Especially for Bologna seeing as how Wedi Shawl is known for his comedic but yet historic songs during the Revolutionary war.

Hagos Woldegebriel, more commonly known as Suzinino takes the stage with legendary Eritrean revolutionary artists and actors Tzighe Teklesenbet and Wedi Shawl

Suzinino plays Tesfom, a man who visits Italy to find his old love Mihretu played by Tzighe Teklesenbet. They grew up together in Eritrea and were sent up by their fathers to be married. Now, Tesfom travels to his old love and they are reunited after man years. It is a tale of old times really, and quite cute

One of Eritrea’s living legends, Wedi Tikul took on the stage this past weekend at the 40th Anniversary of Bologna singing a song/ode to Mama Eritrea