An inside look of Eritrea.
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🎶 aseye deki ereye 🎶


Yemane Barya - Jamming in the hotel room

This is beautiful beyond words! Yemane Barya was, is, and forever will be Eritrea’s national treasure! 

If you can’t identify all the songs he plays in this video, then you might as well not call yourself a fan of his.


Hoy Merhaba - Idris Mohammad Ali

A classic traditional Tigre wedding song by the legendary Eritrean - Tigre artist Idris Mohammed Ali

You have not been to a proper Eritrean wedding if this song hasn’t been played at least once! Regardless of the tribe! 

A relatively short two part documentary in Tigrinya that tells the story of Eritrean women who fought in the war for Independence against Ethiopia

Another performance from a NUEW Concert in 2008

In order from left to right: Bekita Ali, Helen Meles, Gual Keren (I forgot her real name, lol), Remdiet Alem, and Elsa Kidan

An A M A Z I N G Tigrinya song dedicated to the women of Eritrea who sacrificed themselves for the war written and performed by Wedi Tikabo in Asmara, Eritrea 2008

A young Said Berhanu performing with the well known Aser Band at a 2008 Int’l Women’s Day celebration in Asmara Eritrea!

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"From the women that built my nation from scratch, to those who still carry it on their backs!" Happy International Women’s Day to the phenomenal women of my beloved nation of E R I T R E A 